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Like to advertise in the print editions of Kids Fun File or Teen File?

Have a look at these testimonials, then read on:

"We advertised in all the local magazines to cover our tennis camp which was the busiest we’ve ever had. We also did
a survey on the effectiveness of our adverts to find out which the public preferred. You will be glad to hear that
Kids Fun File was the most effective by a long margin.
As well as a very friendly and efficient service it is also great value for money."

Manager, Eastbourne Sports Park.

“The Great Redoubt Escape was a great success and we had a beautiful sunny day.
Did some marketing research and
Kids Fun File came out top for “where they heard of event”.

Education Officer, Redoubt Fortress & Museum

“Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on our advertising for The Brace Orthodontist Practice here
in Eastbourne we have had a tremendous response so far.  I am recommending your files to all my colleagues and am

happy to give you a glowing reference to any other parties

that you may need in the future!! In the meantime I wish you every success.”

Business Manager, The Brace, Eastbourne.

In regards to the Extreme ad... the work you have done on the treble box vertical space is brilliant! … Thank you for
arranging it so that the most impact can be gleaned by placing it on the same page as the free lineage.

… to get into every child’s home via book bags as well as at various collection points targets audiences perfectly.
The ads provide excellent standout from the lineage alone plus your rates are fantastic value

for the coverage they provide. Tourism Marketing Officer, Airbourne and Eastbourne Extreme.


You’ve found the perfect advertising solution, we reach: the right people, in the right place, at the right time. 

In 1995, Kids Fun File was one of the very first FREE “what’s on” magazines for young families in the UK.

It’s now well-established in the community and loyally supported by businesses and local government.

All our sponsors are local, reasonably priced, reliable and full of community spirit.

The names of many of them create a warm glow in the hearts of two generations of Eastbourne families

(some sponsors have been in every edition for 21 years!)

Kids’ Fun File and Teen File are published 4 times a year, a week before the school holidays  in
February, May, July & October.

Approx. 20,000 copies are kindly distributed through the schools to the parents of young families in

Eastbourne, Willingdon, Polegate, Pevensey & Hailsham. We print a copy for every child!  

Nurseries, children’s libraries and tourist centres in Eastbourne & Seaford also receive copies.

Copy deadline for Autumn / Winter edition 2018:

This edition includes October half term and Christmas holidays

Wednesday 26 September 2018

For distribution through schools on 12 October (one week before half term)

Our rates are fiercely competitive. We can design, typeset and print a display box advert for from only £25.  

(You’ll find simple templates of our display box sizes & prices at the bottom of this page).

Kids Fun File’s unique features.  

Kids Fun File has 12 pages.

Kids Fun File is short enough to read in one go. It’s also light enough to stick on a pin board or fridge.

There are enough adverts to be invaluable to our readers, without too much competition for our sponsors.

We only print what families want to know - and we only distribute locally.

Let’s be honest, busy mums and dads just want concise, accurate information.

Young families want to be close to their services and entertainment.

Why pay more to advertise to people too far away to be interested ?

Kids’ Fun File is published four times a year.

Weekly papers are quickly replaced so seldom valued - you hang on to something you only get every 3 months!

You can pay £25 EVERY WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS in a weekly publication or ONCE for an advert in a Kids Fun File.  

Radio seems glamorous and posters are eye-catching, BUT ...

Information is always to hand in Kids Fun File, on our website and on our Facebook page.

Have you ever tried to memorise the details of a 30 second radio ad (or a poster you drove past?)

Couldn’t I just print my own flyers and deliver them to the schools myself?

The inconvenience these cause is the very reason for Kids Fun File’s existence.

Most schools don’t accept flyers due to the time spent distributing them and the litter generated.

Everyone benefits from Kids Fun File in the following ways:  

Parents have one single comprehensive source of information.  

Schools only have to hand out one large publication once a term.  

So, save money and time by letting us design, print and guarantee the distribution of your advert for

much less than the cost of even printing a leaflet.

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or by email

I’ll be happy to help. :)